GIPO main aim is to offer a tool for helping the global community interested in the Internet policy-making process with the collection, analysis and sharing of every relevant information around Internet governance topics.

Automated data collection and analysis, semantic technologies, web standards and open data are some of the key areas of expertise that are poured into this initiative.

Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use tool that empowers any user to find, display, share and debate about information and documents automatically gathered for a wide set of Internet governance topics.

The GIPO initiative is sponsored by the European Commission and carried out by a consortium of three specialised companies, selected through an open tender procedure.

The technical development of The Observatory Tool is lead by Fundación CTIC Centro Tecnológico. You can reach us online via the contact form

GIPO's Observatory Tool classifies internet governance issues on the basis of the taxonomy developed by Diplo Foundation and which is the result of many years of considerable and careful work in this area. This taxonomy is also used by the GIP Digital Watch, with which GIPO actively cooperates. DIPLO

Please visit the giponet.org website for more information on the initiative updates.


Getting Started

Welcome to your GIPO home page. From here you can do many things.

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    Search information on Internet policy developments and decisions

  • Visualize


    Discover and analyze trends with your own graphical dashboard

  • Build


    Get useful data for your website and develop apps using the API

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