All filters listed here are based on rules for recognition of keywords and named entities. These rules are implemented as Regular Expressions (RegEx). An initial set of them was provided and tested by GIPO team for every Internet governance aspect considered in this tool. Being aware that rule-based natural language processing has its drawbacks, but also that there is no perfect solution, we have opted for this approach because of its good accuracy and the transparency (readability) of the patterns.

You can suggest more filters or changes to the current ones by submitting new RegExes with a brief explanation of why you think GIPO initiative should include each of them.

Issues: Development
Title Languages Status
Accessible en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Infrastructure and Standardisation
Title Languages Status
Architecture en, es, fr Enabled
Infrastructure en, es, fr Enabled
Open and inclusive en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Security
Title Languages Status
Child protection en, es, fr Enabled
Cybersecurity en, es, fr Enabled
Privacy en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Sociocultural
Title Languages Status
Content, education and public goods en, es, fr Enabled
Diversity and multilingualism en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Economic
Title Languages Status
Economy and innovation en, es, fr Enabled
Intellectual property en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Human Rights
Title Languages Status
Human Rights en, es, fr Enabled
Issues: Legal
Title Languages Status
Jurisdiction and arbitration en, es, fr Enabled

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