Here are the online sources that the tool visits to keep up with the news, events, documents, etc. Please note that GIPO initiative do not necessarily endorse the way these sites cover the issues.

We do not promote any source over another. You can suggest more sources by submitting their URLs. If you do so please provide a brief explanation of why you think their items would be valuable for the Internet governance discussion. You can check out the list of current candidates.

All sources listed here can be downloaded as an OPML file . The Outline Processor Markup Language or OPML is an XML-based open format that has become popular as a method for exchanging subscription lists between feed readers and aggregators.

Title Countrysort descending Region Status
Vrijschrift staat voor vrije informatie en bescherming privacy Netherlands Europe Enabled
Hivos’ Internet Governance in the MENA Region (IGMENA) Netherlands Europe Enabled
Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) Netherlands Europe Enabled
Freedom Online Coalition Netherlands Europe Enabled
Internet Legislation Atlas (ILA) Netherlands Europe Enabled
Bits of Freedom Netherlands Europe Enabled
Norwegian Communications Authority Norway Europe Enabled
Internet Governance Diplomacy Blog Nepal Asia Enabled
InternetNZ New Zealand Oceania / Australia Enabled
Friends of the IGF New Zealand Oceania / Australia Enabled
Hiperderecho Peru Latin America / Caribbean Enabled
Internet Policy Observatory Pakistan Pakistan Asia Enabled
Bolo Bhi - Internet freedom, Privacy and Gender rights in Pakistan Pakistan Asia Enabled
Softpedia News - Web - Internet Life Romania Europe Enabled
Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) Serbia Europe Enabled
South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) Serbia Europe Enabled
Coordination Center for TLD RU Russian Federation Europe Enabled
The Swedish Law And Informatics Research Institute (IRI) Sweden Europe Enabled
The Internet Foundation In Sweden Blog Sweden Europe Enabled
The Internet Foundation In Sweden Tech Blog Sweden Europe Enabled
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Singapore Asia Enabled
Observatoire sur les Systèmes d’Information, les Réseaux et les Inforoutes au Sénégal (OSIRIS) Senegal Africa Enabled
African Civil Society on the Information Society (ACSIS) Senegal Africa Enabled
Association Sénégalaise des Utilisateurs des TIC Senegal Africa Enabled
Social Net Link Senegal Africa Enabled



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